9,111 Unique Cacti, looking to break into a garden party near you. Community DAO to fund new projects and ideas.

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No Bonding Curve

Each THIRSTY CACTUS is 0.5 SOL and comes with a personal profile pic. The minting is random and only 9,111 Thirsty Cacti will ever be minted.

You'll also own the commercial rights to your Cactus... obviously.

Community Investment

We're going to be continuously investing in the THIRSTY CACTUS community by creating a Community Projects DAO.

Once we've hit all of our milestones, a portion of transaction fees will feed your projects! We're all on the same team - we want to make sure the community feels that way.

Magic Eden LaunchPad

We were the first large project launched through Magic Eden's LaunchPad.

Magic Eden is the fastest growing Solana NFT marketplace and is developing a platform for developing and launching creator collections.


There has become an accepted way of establishing a roadmap. The team lists out a bunch of stuff they think will be make the community happy and then promises to fulfill.

Going forward, roadmap items will be voted on one at a time, built and then implements... forever.


∞ Roadmap Infinity ∞

Roadmap Infinity doesn’t ever truly end.

And since we are building out a DAO structure, the first step of the CacDAO  is having the community will vote on roadmap items one at a time.

Visit the Roadmap Infinity site to see what is currently being voted on:

See the Roadmap


The best projects are community-first - All holders have exclusive commercial rights to their Cactus and access to the Community Project DAO. If you have a great idea and the support of the community, it'll get funded.


• #9,111 Thirsty Cacti Available

• Price 0.5 SOL
Activations require Phantom Wallet

• Distribution of 10%
- 1% distributed to initial Cactus owners for life
- 4% distributed to all holders as long as they hold a Cactus
- 5% to the CacDAO Wallet, owned and controlled by the holders.

The Thirsty Cactus Team

Project Lead and Founder
Growth Marketer by day, decentralization evangelist also by day... night, weekends and everything in between.

Currently working in Big Tech. Soon to be not working in Big Tech.

Twitter: @KingCactiGP
Community Manager + Partnerships
Early NFT adopter. Focused on building productive community.

Auditing the hedge funds you hate and trading the crypto & NFTs you love.

Twitter: @bahapump
Lead Dev
Building decentralized products.

Excited about designing and building the future.